Viñas, In a country famous worldwide for the quality of its wines, especially red or red, and especially Cabernet Sauvignon, harvesting and processing of grapes is of great popular excitement in rural and semi-urban areas.
In Chile, the area viñatera par excellence, is called the Central Zone, which extends from the Rio La Ligua by the north to the Ñuble River to the south, being considered its most fertile and most productive soils as well as those who are undergoing major modernization and industrialization. Is otherwise, the area where the largest population of the country is based. This is where born the most typical Chilean countryside traditions.
On this route you will appreciate the characteristic vineyards that make our region one of the most attractive wine spots in the country. The conditions of temperature, humidity and light facilitate the development of varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.
This valley comprises Lontué sectors, with the areas of Sagrada Familia and Teno.
This area has tiled background stony valley with lots of organic matter, and other clay. These conditions have led to wines with strong personality, which is why the Cabernet Sauvignon is here more aggressive tones and Pinot Noir is more complex.
For all the eccentricities of our vineyards offer tours to specific vineyards in the local area, plus a tour to our true Chilean rodeo huasa area where you can see rodeos, festivals and events typical depending on the date of visit.

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