Vichuquen Lake and Laguna Torca, These two places are the pride of the province of Curico.
Vichuquén Lake is 18 meters above sea level and covers an area of 40 km. Square. It has warm waters and is surrounded along its banks by dense pine forests that leave almost no water view. Has areas of spas and beautiful residential. The main activity is the nautical sports; waterskiing, sailing and wind-surfing. Further events and recreational activities for different ages are organized.
In the south west shore there is a sailing school, and in the field of Marine Coven is Vichuquén that in addition to the marina, has a restaurant, supermarket and rent boats and horses.

Laguna Torca was created in 1985, protects an area of 604 hectares, divided into three sectors: Torca lagoon, surrounded by batro and reeds, houses a group of more than 106 species of birds among which black-necked swans, crows Marsh, coscoroba swans and coots buds. Here is the Environmental Information Center, with panels on archeology, bird species and processes of erosion and reforestation of booking. There is also a path of 380 meters. on grassland birding; is advisable to bring binoculars. They are prohibited sailing, fishing and hunting in the lagoon.
The second sector is Llico forest with exotic species, mainly eucalyptus trees began to be planted in 1912 to contain the advance of the dunes. In this sector is the Administration, with a path through the forest that runs in 30 minutes. There are camping and picnic sites.
The third sector is the Cerrillos Island, Lake Vichuquén, which has an area of 2 hectares covered with sclerophyllous forest.
All these places can be visited by tourists wishing to recruit hostel one of our routes.

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