Los Queñes, Curico Province has many natural sites and other sites of cultural attraction. In the mountain range is the town of Los Queñes, curicano picturesque resort, located 37 kms. in the district of "Romeral". It stands on it "Customs of Los Queñes" built in 1900 and declared a historical monument in 1998. Famous is this place, since this step they made their journey "The Dragons of General Freire" important detachment Liberation Army.
Following the tour of Los Queñes towards curicana, very close to the border with Argentina cordillera, are Las Termas Sulphur, thermal baths with rich natural pools sulfur, due to the proximity of the Peteroa and Planchon volcanoes, which have a stunning scenery.
The spa sparkling waters of Rio Claro "Customs" Teno from the lagoon, was one of four holdings Receipt of Planchón 114 years, now used as office. There is also the viewpoint Cementos Bío-Bío, built at 1 km. Los Queñes.
In short it is a resting place in a beautiful precordillerano environment.

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