The Seven Cups National Park, Discover the natural beauty of the Chilean landscape, which is located within the National Reserve Radal Seven Cups in the Seventh Region of the country, 75 kilometers east of the town of Curico.
The Seven Cups consist of seven waterfalls and respective "cups" that the Claro River Molina has formed over thousands of years in the hard basalt rock.
Agroforestry Society Rio Claro owns the farm "San José de Frutillar" by which crosses the northern boundary river course, having direct access to the viewpoints of these beautiful waterfalls.
A 4 kms. The Seven Cups, always within the farm, is the "Valley of Tasting", beautiful landscape of green fields surrounded by mountains and native forests. The Valley of the tasting consists of sites for camping under an oak forest bordering the valley and a stream of fresh water.

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