Guided tour of the most representative places of the city of Curico. You can visit places like the Plaza de Armas, the Condell hill and the Church National Monument San Francisco, among others.
Curico, 200 meters above sea level, is the provincial capital with a communal population estimated at 114,000 inhabitants (over 70% located in the city itself), distributed in 1328.8 km², which represents 18.2 % of the province, and 4.4% of the regional territory.
Curico won the city title in 1830. Today it is the center of communications, supply and commercial transactions in neighboring agribusiness, which is revealed in its attractive and thriving commercial center. The Plaza de Armas is one of the most beautiful in Chile. Declared typical zone in 1986, is known as "the square of palms" for their 60 copies of Phoenix canariensis that surround it. It has a large cast iron kiosk, worked in the style of New Orleans, built in Santiago in 1905. It also has a lot of old trees classified and pools with sculptures of national and international artists.
In the western corner are the walls of the old Mother Church, damaged by an earthquake in 1985. A few blocks south of the Plaza de Armas is the Iglesia del Carmen, which has three naves, highlighting its central nave barreled, decorated with columns and capitals carved in stone.
A few blocks east, and across the Alameda, is the San Francisco Church, belonging to the Franciscan order. The convent was originally raised in 1731 in an area now called Old Convent. After the founding of the city, due to severe damage to an earthquake, the convent and church moved to its current location in 1758. The present church began in 1880 and was inaugurated in 1904, in a building of Gothic style, arches, slender tower and simple interior, where the Virgen de la Velilla, only existing replica of the Virgen del Santuario de Mata, Monte Agudo, extracted from Spain in 1734 is saved.

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