Coming from the North, pass the three entrances to the city of Curico, a few meters from the last one is the bridge that crosses the river is immediately Guaiquillo overpass that says THE NICHES - RETORNO.- should exit on the right hand; just cross the bridge over level is followed by the first turn right (indicated as Curico). You'll see the car company DERCO. As we move through this caletera about 200 meters, you come to a junction on the left must take the local road or path IANSA. Whether it is a couple of minutes to get to the hostel, you'll see a line and end our hostel is signposted, welcome.

Coming from the South, a mile before the town of Curico, by the same route 5 sur pass by passage over Maquehua level, there you go half a mile and you will see the right hand entrance to Los Niches, which must be taken and follow the local path or road IANSA, you will see a small curve faced, you're just a couple of minutes to get to the hostel, you'll encounter a line and end our hostel is properly signposted welcome.


At the heart of the Vines, globally we are a land that caress the best way different kinds of strains, we are one of the places with most traditional wine country, and now we have famous vineyards worldwide, with wine only occur in our lands. Our climate and its qualities simply added to this noble product, which after centuries of tradition has been cultivated and kept from generation to generation, we are in the heart of the vineyards, landscapes, colors and flavors.